Earn More Tips 101: How To Get Bigger Tips As Wait Staff

Beautiful Wait Stuff

If customers view you as a good waiter/waitress, chances are, you’ll get bigger tips.

Yes, waiting on restaurant tables/dining tables is a job that’s tiring, but, it can be fruitful if you earn more tips. Below are waitressing tips and tricks that can help you become one of the best waiting staff, which, in turn, can lead to a lot of tip money from restaurant clients:

Strategy 1:

Love your work as a waitress/waiter.  One of the very first tips for waiters is this: you have to love what you’re doing. When a person loves his/her job, it really shows.

That person performs work well, is always smiling while working, and so on, and when the customers notice that, the person tends to get bigger tips.

If you’re a food server or a waiter or waitress, find a way to love your work.

Strategy 2: Show to the clients that you always practice good hygiene.

Another trick to earn more tips is to be a ‘clean wait staff’. This means that you should smell good and look nice all the time. Your hair should be ‘in place’, and not ‘all over the place’.

Your hands and nails should be clean. Your uniform, of course, should also be clean enough and should smell good enough.

Being a clean waiter/waitress is one of the most vital waitressing tips and tricks that will surely please dining clients.

Strategy 3: Know the needs of your guests.

Waiters or waitresses who get bigger tips are usually the ones who are anticipative of the needs of their customers. This means giving the clients what they need without them having to ask for it.

For example, you’ll usually earn more tips if you always give people who order fries ketchup and salt.

If your guests order foods that are messy to eat, giving them extra napkins without them asking is also another sign that you’re anticipative.

When people see that you’re attentive to their needs, they’ll be more inclined to give you extra money for your service.

Strategy 4: Engage in ‘table manicuring’.

Included in the list of essential tips for waiters is for you to manicure the guests’ tables when the need arises.

For instance, if you notice napkins running out or getting soggy, give more napkins to the guests. If you see a utensil accidentally falling of the table, replace it immediately.

If a customer accidentally spills a drink on the floor, mop the spill immediately and offer to replace the beverage. By following this advice, you’ll surely earn more tips.

There are really waitressing tips and tricks that can be effective in your aim to get bigger tips.

Other techniques that you can make use of when you’re a waitress or a waiter include:

  • A. Being polite and courteous to all guests
  • B. Being the menu expert
  • C. Serving the right orders to the customers
  • D. Updating the clients early if some foods will be late, or if there’s an ordered food that’s not available.

By living by the tips for waiters discussed in this writing piece, each and every waitress or waiter will definitely find that it’s not that hard to earn more tips.