Employment Alert – April Employment Law Changes

Employment Alert

‘Increase to maternity, paternity and adoption pay rates 1 April sees the standard rates of statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay and statutory adoption pay increasing from £128.83 to £135.45 per week. Increase in qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims From 6 April, any employee who commences employment on or after that date will need to accrue […]

Registering With A Good Recruitment Agency Helps Knowing About The Wanted Vacancies In A Sector

Recruitment Agency

When students pass out of a college with a degree in some of the technical subjects, they are elated with their achievements. Friends and families are thankful that their prayers have been answered and their wards have fared well with flying colors. Although the happiness is quite palpable, it gives way to greater concerns of […]

Free Criminal Background Checks For Employment – How To Do Them

Criminal Background Checks

Before hiring, an entrepreneur should conduct free background checks for employment on their prospective employee. Discover some insider tips for doing these investigations and learn where to get started for fast results. Are you aware the simple process of running free criminal background checks for employment could save your company valuable time, money and other […]