Looking for Employment Canada – The Beginning of a Better Life

”; Seeking employment Canada is everyone’s goal for overseas job seekers. Canada is an attractive destination for many nationalities, especially from depressed economies, who are seeking permanent employment there. Having the right attitude in addition to your skills and educational attainment, you will have a better chance to find work Canada.  Of all the G8 […]

What Are Restrictive Covenants In An Employment Contract And What Do They Do?

Employment Contract

What Is The Definition Of A Restrictive Covenant? A restrictive covenant is a term placed into your contract of employment to prevent you from taking certain action when you leave your current role.  They are put into employment contracts to protect the employer and not the employee? What Types Of Restrictive Covenant Are There? There […]

What Are Pre-Employment Tests and What Do you Need to Know?

What are pre-employment tests? They are tests that organizations give to job applicants to help them hire employees who are productive, dependable, and low-turnover. What does research say about pre-employment tests? Research on pre-employment tests and other prediction methods indicate pre-employment tests are the most method to accurately predict how an applicant may perform on-the-job, […]

Railway Recruitment Board Vacancies Provide Apt Career Opportunities

‘The growing population of India is leading to many other quandaries such as unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and a lot more. However, in these scenarios, the government is doing every bit feasible to contain and develop the milieu. One imperative and illustrious instance is that of railway recruitment board vacancies which are alluring more and more […]

Employment Alert – April Employment Law Changes

Employment Alert

‘Increase to maternity, paternity and adoption pay rates 1 April sees the standard rates of statutory maternity pay, statutory paternity pay and statutory adoption pay increasing from £128.83 to £135.45 per week. Increase in qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims From 6 April, any employee who commences employment on or after that date will need to accrue […]