Could Brandon Lee have been Murdered?

There is no factual evidence to support that Brandon’s death was intentional or what is termed as foul play in any way, shape or form. While anything is possible, all crimes leave a trace and there has never been any evidence that his death was anything but an accident. His death was fully investigated, despite what others claim. There are some fans who have a tendency to shout murder without properly reading the detailed information and evidence on his death. It’s important to read factual accounts about the negligence that occurred, which by definition is "an unintentional act that causes the death or injury of another party." Asian mafia stories, and far fling theories like them are ridiculous, and have no factual basis at all. Sometimes it is difficult for people to accept that those in the public are no more immortal than any of us. Accidents, illness and eventually death will follow us all one day. If you choose to believe that it was not an accident, you should have some factual basis for your opinion.

What happened to Eliza Hutton and why don’t we hear about her?

Eliza was widowed and after many years working through her grief was able to piece together her life and move on from her grief. She "remarried" a few years back and has returned to work for Kiefer Sutherland (who she worked for before Brandon's death). Eliza has closely guarded both her personal life, and her private memories of Brandon for good reason. The obvious reason why you don't hear about her is that she lives a normal life outside of the public, and has worked hard to maintain the privacy she has. Brandon and Eliza were a private couple, and did not have public lives. Keeping her grief to herself showed a lot of strength of character, as well as dignity. Brandon was very private about his personal life, and guarded his own memories of his father in much the same way. Eliza went through a very difficult time, as did Brandon's closest friends and family - many whom never have spoken in great depth of it either, because of the same reasons. While it would be nice if she did share some of her memories of Brandon, that it is her decision and should be respected (as should her privacy and that of her family).

Is it true that Brandon Owned a Hearse?

Yes. Brandon brought a 1971 hearse that was made especially for the film Harold and Maude (although it was NOT the only one used in the film). Shortly after returned back to the U.S from Hong Kong in 1987, he brought the car from a private owner in Texas. Brandon ceased drivng it around 1990, was replaced by his beloved sportcar. The hearse was eventually sold in 1991.

Did Brandon have any kids?

No, Brandon did not have any children. He and Eliza were planning to start a family immediately after they married.

Did Brandon say any last words before he died. I heard he asked for his girlfriend?

The is no evidence or witness accounts for this. Brandon lost consciousness very quickly after he was shot and fell into a coma. And from reports of those who witnessed it, he didn't make much of a noise when he was shot. Although it was widely reported when he died that he yell for "cut." But those who witnessed the shooting actually claim that When he was shot, he fell down, moaned a little, and then his eyes remained opened for a short time before going into shock. The impact of the shot, it is assumed, would have knocked the wind out of him, which then would of made it impossible for him to speak.

Where is he buried?

Brandon is buried besides his father at Lake View Cemetery located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington. Google it!

Did Brandon go to college?

He attended one year at Emerson College in Boston before dropping out.

What Color were Brandon's eyes?

Brandon's eyes were gray/grey.

Why were no criminal charges filed against those responsible for his death?

For criminal negligent charges to have been filed it first had to match the legal definitions of criminal negligence in the state of North Carolina. Not checking a gun, and even making your own dummy bullets is not a felony in North Carolina.There were charges filed in regards to the breeching of safety regulations and occupation heath & safety on the set, but such charges are not again felonies. The District Attorney found that what happened did not fit the LEGAL definition of criminal negligence, and that is why no charges were brought in a criminal court. After that, the Lee family issued a law suit through the civil courts against ALL those that contributed to the negligence that led to Brandon's death. The family then settled out of court, which often happens in civil matters, so the amount is not publicly filed. It is rumored to have been only 3 Million.

What guitar did Brandon use in The Crow?

Brandon had a few guitars that were used on set. One of them was an Ibanez, which you will see in the flashback scenes of Eric playing his guitar. There was another one that was used in the film, in the scene that Eric smashed his guitar, and this guitar was a Fender Strat. The smashed guitar is on display at The Hard Rock Cafe in Universal City, California. There also was the guitar that Brandon brought and used to learn guitar on. This guitar was not known to have been filmed in the movie, but was given to Brandon's teacher J.K. Loftin after Brandon's death by Eliza Hutton. Loftin has since sold the guitar to a private collector. A fan made this informative site about the guitars used in the film, so check it out:

How much weight did Brandon lose for his role in The Crow?

It is reported it was 20 pounds, although recent research indicates that it could be closer to 30 pounds.

What happened to those who were responsible for his death?

The District Attorney of North Carolina-Wilmington office determined that no criminal charges were going to be sought against any individuals. No criminal charges were filed because it did not meet the requirements of the legal definition of negligent homicide. A civil claim was then settled, paid to Brandon's mother over the death of her son by CrowVision, INC. Two of the parties who were part of the prop team, responsible for gun mishap, ceased working on film sets as a result of this accident.

Is it true Brandon was to going to reopen the investigate father's death?

No, it is untrue and has no factual basis to support. Brandon accepted that the cause of his father's death was natural. The rumor was populated after Brandon's death by individuals who had an agenda by spreading it. Putting words or would-be actions into Brandon's mouth for things he never said or did is pretty slanderous and fairly low brow.

Did Brandon signed on to do a sequel to Rapid Fire?

Not exactly. Brandon was working on a script with the writer of Rapid Fire Alan McElroy for a new film, that would be produced by FOX, but it was not a sequel (according to screenwriter Mc Elroy). Producer Robert Lawrence was working on the project with Brandon and was hoping to do something with the same character, but Brandon wanted to make a fresh start with a new character, which he had already named. Lawrence says this film was later changed into Die Hard III.

Is it true that Brandon would be paralyzed if he could stay alive ?

It is doubtful that one can even speculate since that is not the reality, and the fact is the injuries to his organs were so severe due to the internal bleeding that there was no conceivable way he could have survived those injuries. Reports of his death range from the bullet lodging against the spine to those of the bullet severing his spine, yet the length of the damage was never confirmed, hence why it would be improbable to really speculate.

Did Brandon was signed on to do two sequels to The Crow?

Fact. It is true that shortly before he was killed, Brandon had in fact signed to do two sequels to The Crow, if it proved to be successful. They were to be based around the character of Eric Draven.

Did Brandon have any pets?

Brandon and Eliza had two cats; Mushroom and Kato.

What sports/pastimes did Brandon enjoy?

He was an avid camper (beginning in his childhood when he was involved with Outward Bound) and enjoyed many sports. including: skiiing, rock climbing, martial arts, running, fishing, and racquetball. Some of his favorite past times involved hobbies like ping pong, backgammon, poker, long distance car trips and pool. He also was a notorious practical joker.

Was Rapid Fire going to be called something else?

Yes. Brandon (with agent David Goldman) and producer Robert Lawrence worked to secure a deal with Fox for a film, which would be written especially for him. Originally, writer Cindy Circle was writing a script called "The Red Pole," which had the storyline based around a martial artist using his skills to fight the Hong Kong Mafia in New York City. Brandon however, wanted a more realistic character who he could relate with. When Alan McElroy came on board as the screenwriter, the storyline dealing with both martial arts, and with the loss and spiritual growth, seemed more appropriate to Brandon. It had the working title of "Moving Target," until after the film was made. In post production the title was changed to Rapid Fire for marketing reasons.

Did Brandon die in the big shootout scene in The Crow?

No. Brandon's accident did NOT occur in the big shootout scene in the boardroom. That particular scene was shot over 10 days prior to the fatal accident occurring. Several actors such as Michael Wincott, Bai Ling and Tony Todd had already left Wilmington because their scenes had been filmed. Brandon's accident occurred filming the death scene of his character Eric Draven (and NO that is not the same one that's in the film).

Did Brandon smoke?

Brandon was known to be a chain smoker at the time he died.

What was the level of Brandon’s kung fu skill? I mean, For instance, What color was his last belt if there is any in kung fu? Did he have any special martial arts degree or certification ?

Brandon never attained any belt color. He trained mostly in martial arts where they don't use the belt grading

system. Brandon did pass an instructorship test in Thai Kickboxing through The Inosanto Academy of martial arts (only one of 14 in the year 1990). However, there is little evidence to suggest that he ever taught. Brandon publicly said in an interview with martial arts magazine Blitz in 1992 that he, "had no interest in teaching martial arts" or ever running his own school.

Brandon didn’t seem to be the man of living in luxury, was he ?

Brandon was very much an actor on the rise. He certainly didn't live a very lavish lifestyle. He and Eliza only rented a very modest chalet home. The most expensive item that he owed was his sports car, which he purchased after he got the job in Showdown In Little Tokyo. Brandon was very much a homebody and although he had his wild side, by the time of his death, he was fairly domesticated. His next role after The Crow was in fact in a play called 'In Doubt'.


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